Juve’s Smell

url-1Luke Juve generally smells like a mixture of coffee, hobos, and the blood of his enemies. It is quite an extraordinary smell if you consider the odors that our other fellow classmates emit, which usually consists of cheap cologne and the heady scent of DQ food. I have observed Juve’s caffeine intake for well over a year now, and I have come to the conclusion that he consumes about a liter of coffee a day, (unless he ends up gracelessly spilling it in the most unexpected way) which is far from healthy. If you were to meet him on the streets without prior knowledge of him, you would probably be under the impression that he is a Hot Topic employee with a bizarre obsession with hipster trends, in fact you may know him very well and still have this impression, but there is nothing wrong with that. Juve also seems to thrive on the anguished cries of his defeated enemies, in fact he has a few trophy scars on his face from his last epic battle. enhanced-buzz-9729-1297193059-38_rectangle_fullsize20e6342f66795f5a882df01ef34df102c28d2bd7d0a8dceedd75591d5ebab7adThese battles are most commonly known as wrestling matches, but to him he considers them to be heated duels in which only the victorious have the right to be called honorable men. After he defeats his enemies, he then proceeds by sucking the very essence of happiness from the depths of their souls, and by doing so he not only gains in strength, but he also gains the adoration and respect from both allies and enemies alike, making him an immortal being. Juve has proven to be not only a capable warrior in the sport of wrestling, but he has also proven to be an idol-like figure among the hipsters. His smell lays out his very destiny, but not in a very obvious way, because that would be too mainstream.


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