The Bourque Files

Music. Youtube. Netflix.

So this summer as I was over at Kali’s house, with the accompaniment of Shanna, we uncovered a mystery behind a story. That story begins with the death of Peter Bourque, and ends with possibility. Granted, these are my theories, and everyone else will have their own, I am going to share mine with you.

Kali had been telling Shanna and I about a man who had hung himself in the woods out by her house, and decided she wanted to go looking for the grave stone. Upon contemplating about where it might be, we decided maybe the cemetery was the first place to check, little did we know it would hold more than just that. Before going down to the cemetery, Kali had chosen to show us where Peter had lived before he had died.

Upon arriving at our destination….which is literally 200+ feet from Kali’s house, we went…

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