Ed and Lorraine Warren

You may have heard of Ed and Lorraine Warren from recently popular horror films such as “The Conjuring” and “Annabelle”, but the couple is more fact than fiction. The infamous couple dealt with countless cases of hauntings and possession all throughout America for over 50 years.

warrensThe devote Catholics claim that they have dealt with over 10,000 cases altogether, with a few very well-known ones such as “The Amityville Horror”, “The Conjuring”, “The Haunting in Connecticut”, and “Annabelle”. the_Amityville_Horror-051311Unfortunately, Ed was unable to live to see the recent uproar in media over their cases because of his passing in 2006, but Lorraine still lives to tell the tales at the age of 88. Lorraine and Ed Warren founded the New England Society for Psychic Research in 1952, with the goal of sharing information with other groups who are investigating the same type of phenomenon and to help people that are plagued by the supernatural.The-Conjuring-HD-Wallpaper

Ed and Lorraine were very serious about their cases, and they even have an Occult Museum situated at the back of their house in Monroe, Connecticut, with the purpose of destroying any possibilities of reoccurring hauntings or possessions. Legend says that in the Occult museum there are things that are so dangerous that just touching them would leave you very badly affected. They are the opposite of what you would touch in a church. There are many dangerous and horrifying things taking refuge in the museum, but the Annabelle doll is said to be beyond malevolent. In fact the last person to touch the doll with bare hands died just a few days afterwards. There are countless cases that Ed and Lorraine brought to light by writing books, participating in interviews, and by simply passing on the tales to friends and family, but it’s up to you to decided whether or not there’s any truth in them.


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