Resurrection Mary

This story starts off in the year of 1934. It was a cold Chicago night; a young blond Polish girl, around the age of 17, was out dancing at the O’ Henry ballroom in a beautiful white dress. A young gentleman, also around the same age, just couldn’t resist her charms. They danced togohhenether for the remainder of the dance, and afterwards he convinced the girl to get in his car and go home with him. This is where things start to go bad. Unfortunately for the young girl, Mary, the supposed “gentleman” had only wicked intentions in mind for her. He savagely rapes her on the side of Archer Avenue, and leaves her in the middle of nowhere to die. Except, according to legend, she doesn’t die just yet, instead she wobbles along the road in the dark, hoping to catch a ride for help. Soon enough a her hopes were lifted whart 11en a car comes speeding down the dark road towards her, except the car doesn’t stop. She dies immediately upon contact, the car tires crush her skull like an exploding watermelon, she has no time to comprehend what’s happening. She was buried in Resurrection Cemetery, but this is only the start of her story.

As legend has it, the story of Resurrection Mary is a typical vanishing hitchhiker scenario. The first report of Mary’s phantom was from Jerry Palus in 1939. Jerry was at one of his favorite dance halls when he noticed a beautiful blond woman. They danced all night, url-3much like what happened the night she died, and she asked him to give her a ride home down Archer Avenue. She got out in front of Resurrection Cemetery and disappeared. Another report was recorded by columnist Bill Geist. He interviewed a cab driver in 1979 who claimed that he picked up a young blond woman in a white party dress and matching shoes. As he drove down Archer she told him to stop the car. When he did, she disappeared. Several other url-2men have reported giving a ride to a young women in a white dress who instructed them to drive her down Archer, then disappeared when they get close to the cemetery.

There have also been dozens of reports made by people who either had to slam on the brakes because a young girl in a white dress ran out in front of the car or who have seen her 02walking down the middle of the road. Another incident, also considered the most well-known, involves a person who saw a woman locked inside the fence of the cemetery after dark. Rather than stopping, he called the police, who came to let her out. When the police arrived, she was nowhere to be seen, but they discovered that two bars of the main gate had been bent outwards, and the creepiest part is that the bars bore the imprint of human hands. Officials quickly removed the bars and then later re-installed them, using a blowtorch to get rid of the handprints. The two burned areas can still be seen today. Whoever she is, next time you’re driving alone in the dark, be on the lookout for a young girl in a white dress. But I wouldn’t stop to give her a ride…1b902cc807003811_f520


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