The 7th Barn

The tale of the 7th Barn is fairly popular, but most are oblivious to the amount of truth in the legend. The setting of the story takes place somewhere around the year 1890 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, where a wealthy farmer lived with his large family. In fact, he was affluent enough to be able to build a new barn on his property each time his wife became pregnant. He named each barn after each of hishqdefault kids (actually each of the barns were completed before his wife even gave birth, so the kids were technically named after the barns) and by the time this story takes place, they had six kids and were expecting the seventh. Unfortunately, the farmer’s wife died in childbirth and so did the unborn baby. The farmer went insane with grief and couldn’t tend to his farm. Over the next year, the family sank deep into poverty and their cattle became ill with starvWilliam-Knight-goes-with-Civil-Waration, resulting in hunger for the whole family.

Something snapped. In the middle of the night, the farmer, in his madness and despair, led his children out to each of their corresponding barns, one by one, and brutally tore them to pieces with an ax. He buried each child on the bottom of their own barns (well, he buried whatever was remaining on each of the corpses). It was in the seventh barn that the farmer hung himself. Eventually, as the story goes, all the barns were torn down and the lan3320657864_ee0d74f0c0_md was sold off. All except for number seven. Nobody would buy the land that held the seventh barn because of its horrible history. It was abandoned and soon its location was all but forgotten.

But the story isn’t over yet. In 1997 a local Ohio teacher claimed that he had found the infamous barn’s real location. He said that none of the barns had ever been torn down; they had simply been sold and incorporated into neighboring farms. According to the teacher, he pinpointed the location because barns on neighboring properties all had name plates on their door with the names of children engraved on them. The teacher and his teenage son set out at night to visit the 7th barn, with the intent of capturing some paranormal activity on video. The next morning, when her family didn’t return, the teacher’s wife called the local police and reported her husband and son missingtumblr_nbtwirNXIE1tjsogwo1_400. Police found their abandoned car by the roadside. While searching the area, they entered a barn in a nearby field hanging_death_noose-750x400and found the dead bodies of the teacher and his son hanging from the rafters.


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