The Curse of The Omen

1349771823_pxfM4There have been many claims of various movie sets being cursed for over 50 years, but one movie takes superstition to a whole new level. The 1976 version of The Omen (irony at its finest) is creepy on its own, but the numerous reports and evidence of the movie set being cursed makes the situation terrifying. In the movie, Robert, tumblr_mbv0udbAuH1r1er6oo1_500an American ambassador, adopts a son (Damien Thorn) after his wife became devastated over the recent birth of a stillborn child, but Robert begins to get suspicious of Damien when countless people around him keep dying mysteriously. After Damien’s first nanny hangs herself, Father Brennan warns Robert that Damien will kill his wife’s second unborn child. Shortly thereafter, Brennan dies and his wife miscarries when Damien pushes her off a balcony. As more people around Damien die, Robert investigates Damien’s background and realizes his adopted son may be the Antichrist.

Unfortunately, bad things didn’t only happen in the movie, but on set as well. The tragedies began when the son of Gregory Peck, who had the lead role, committed suicide two months before filming was scheduled to statumblr_lz04tnx32z1rne776o1_r1_500rt. When production started, a crew member was in a horrible car accident. Luckily, he survived. Gregory Peck and the screenwriter David Seltzer took two different planes in to the UK, tumblr_mi34fyPBw61qcroxbo1_500and both planes were struck by lightning. And if that wasn’t enough, executive producer Mace Neufeld’s plane from Rome was almost struck by lightning as well. This prompted the crew to rent a private plane to use in a couple of scenes for fear of getting struck by lightning. However, their scheduled flight had to be postponed because a couple of businessmen needed it. Just after takeoff, something went wrong and the plane with the businessmen crashed onto a road, hitting a car which then crashed at high-speed into another vehicle. Everyone involved in the accident was killed.

tumblr_n8d3j5ulA31tfyseno1_500Director Richard Donner was even more unlucky, the hotel where he was staying at was bombed by the IRA and he was also struck by a car. Gregory Peck was almost the most unfortunate one when the plane he initially charted to Israel crashed and killed everyone onboard. Peck had cancelled his seat just a few days before. In The Omen, Peck’s character had to kill his adopted son to avoid world domination. In real life, Peck’s son had just committed suicide, only months before the shooting started. Horrible events kept occurring with the cast and crew even after the film was released. Almost all members of the cast and crew ended up in different car accidents on different days, but the worst case was when special effects artist John Richardson ended up in a head-on collision with his girlfriend in the car, he survived but his girlfriend lost her head. Literally.tumblr_mcypteA94z1qg39ewo1_500

Rumor spread throughout all of Hollywood that when Richardson crawled out from the wreck, he saw a road sign: Ommen, 66.6km. There were other occurrences that involved the Devil’s number as well, such as when the director, John Moorimagese, attributed two days of ruined footage due to supernatural occurrences. He told the reporters that a malfunctioning remote-control camera kept registering “Error 666,” a message that repairmen insisted did not exist. In another strange event, Pete Postlethwaite (Father Brennan) not only lost his brother while he was filming the movie, but before he passed, his brother was in a card game in which he drew three sixes. He died the following week. Whether or not these claims are true, the deaths did occur, too many to be called coincidences, so the moral of the story goes a little something like this: don’t mess with Omens (especially if your making a movie and plan on showing it to millions of people). creeper


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