True Paranormal Occurrences

giphy-1It’s fun to hear and dote on famous urban legends or somebody else’s private torments, but when strange, terrifying things start becoming personal, it’s no longer all fun and games. I’ve blogged a lot about famous hauntings and supernatural occurrences, but today I’m going to change it up a little and discuss a few local confessions of the paranormal. I’ve went through the trouble of interviewing a few local friends on their personal paranormal experiences, and the following will exploit their private horrors (the names have been changed for their own discrepancy). tumblr_mb5o5gGJNq1r2gnnzo1_500_large

Anne’s Stories:

I’ve known Anne for a very long time, so I know that she doesn’t enjoy revealing in the paranormal, but even she has admitted a few personal experiences. “Close to every night in the summer when I drive around my lake, I see an old man in the ditch on the second curve… He’ll just stand there for a while watching me, and then he disappears…” This is the first story that she told me, and I know just what curve that she’s talking about scary clown hitchhiker(a very creepy one). “There’s this one time I was going into my brother’s room when it was dark, and when I opened the door I saw a tall man in a top hat right in front of me, but when I blinked, he was gone.” She looked truly horrified as she told me this, and sure enough, she spat out another story of equal horror. “This happened just this last summer. I was waiting for someone to come and pick me up from my house, and we have these glass doors that close off our piano room that were opened, and right next to it is the window that looks out onto the road. I looked out of it to see if the person I was waiting for was there, but they weren’t there yet, so I went to the refrigerator for something to drink, but when I walked back over to look again the doors were shut. I was home alone.” She later told me another story, but this one includes one of our friends, Winston (I’ll include his stories latermorph_zps55e0f351 on). “After a dance we had at our highs school, Winston brought me and a few of my friends to his house. As we were pulling up I saw a woman who looked like his mom in the window in the kitchen, it looked like she was continuously walking by the window. I turned to Winston and asked him why his mom was home. He turned to me with a horrified expression on his face, exclaiming that he saw the same thing, but that his mom left earlier that day for the whole weekend and that he was home alone. Needless to say, we didn’t sleep that night.”

Winston’s Stories:

The second person that I interviewed is the fabulous Winston, and he wasn’t at all shy to share his personal horrors. “There has been many occurrences at my house, and here is a couple of them that have happened to my family. One summer we went on a camping trip for three days. When we came back on the third night, every light was on in our house and the front door was opened and unlocked when we hadParanormal-Activity-2-GIF-paranormal-actitvity-2-30543471-500-203 locked it ourselves. We checked the house and nothing else was out of the ordinary.” I’ve heard a lot of stories from my friends that their houses are haunted, but only a few are on my truly haunted list. Winston’s house is at the top of that list. “One night, my sister called me and she was crying. She told me that I needed to come home as soon as possible because she was scared. She said that she kept hearing walking and pounding from the other side of the wtumblr_mry4hkaj8Q1sfhgkpo1_500alls. When we got to the house, she was sitting in her car crying and she wouldn’t go back into the house. When we went to the house, all of the doors were locked and we were locked out. I had to crawl through a door in my basement to get into the house. When I went up the stairs to the top, the door was closed with the chain on it and we had to break the door to get back into our house and we still don’t know how all the doors became locked or how the chain was locked.” If this would’ve happened to me, I would’ve taken the car and gotten the McFrick out of there! “One time my mom’s TV wouldn’t quit turning on and off by itself throughout the whole night. When my mom came up to my room to tell me what was happening, I looked over and saw my office chair in my room slowly start spinning.” These kind of things have been happening in my house too, especially upstairs when my rocking chair will continuously rock by itself. “One night my sister and I were staying up late having a movi200e night when we kept hearing noises in our basement, like chairs moving around. We ignored it because we didn’t want to be scared again. As we were trying to ignore it, we heard a noise in my sisters closet and a hanger flew out of the closet and hit the bed. At the same time, we heard a loud crash in our basement. My parents went downstairs because they heard the noise too and thought someone was breaking in. When they went downstairs, a row of books that were previously on a bookshelf were now on the floor.” 

Debbie’s Stories:

The third and final person that I interviewed is Debbie. She admitted that she hasn’t experienced as many paranormal occurrences as the other two, but she told me a few strange occurrences. “The sun just set, and I was standing in our kitchen and my mom watumblr_nj0gg4Djxd1u83k0io1_500s in the living room watching TV facing our front door. I was going to throw something away when all of a sudden there were 3 knocks on the wall. I turned to my mom and asked who was at the door and she soon responded that no one was there. I then asked if she heard those 3 knocks and she said she did, but she thought that it was me knocking on the wall. We have yet to determine who or what made those soundgiphys.”  From what I have heard in the past, three knocks is very symbolic, but not with ghosts. Apparently it’s an easy way that demons can insult Christianity, with the three knocks representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. The second and final story that she told me seemed to be the most memorable experience to her: “I was in my room putting clothes away in my closet. I had my back to my closet and all of a sudden a hanger flew out of my closet and landed 5 feet away from me!” I can’t blame her for her excitement, I probably would’ve pulled a Miss Piss Pants if I was in her situation.

Leave a comment if you want me to write about your personal paranormal experience!tumblr_m173hzEu1R1r8x3lto1_500


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