True Paranormal Occurrences Part 2

Last week, I interviewed and wrote about a few of my close friends and their personal supernatural occurrences, and since it was such a popular topic, I decided to write about the same thing this week, just with different friends. So sit back and enjoy three more terrifying tales (the names have been changed for their own discrepancy).


Felicia’s Story:

I’ve known Felicia since kindergarden, so I know that she wasn’t lying when she was telling me tumblr_n1sp0vU8Oo1sh8fhgo1_500this, her face was absolutely serious. “When my grandmother passed away, my family and I moved into her old house. The house was very old, and it used to be a dental office way back in the day. While my grandma was still alive, we would hear footsteps and such throughout her house, which was terrifying to begin with. Once my family and I had moved into the house, we established rooms. My room was at the very top of the stairs and one night I was in a dead sleep, and I woke up for some odd reason. I sat up and looked at the edge of my bed, and there was an older woman sitting there, looking out of the window. I started to talk to her, and she told me that she was my great-grandma Charlotte (who had passed away bInsidiousefore I was born). One thing I knew about her was that she was really excited to meet me once my mother had me. But, she passed away before she got the chance to meet me. Ever since then, I’ve been able to talk to people from the other side, or see them. And no, it’s not like the crap you see on T.V. It’s not all of the time, and there’s really no reason behind why I see them.” I remember her mentioning he ability to speak to people on the other side, but I don’t recall her ever telling me the story of her dead great-grandmother. This is another reason why I know she’s not lying, this story is very significant to her.

Glenn’s Story:

Glenn practically worships the supernatural, so it was no surprise to me that he was quick to tell a story. “When I was younger, my sister ran into my mom’s room screaming at the top of her lungs, but luckily she instantly calmed down at my moms touch. She looked up, stone-faced at my mom to say ‘Jeremy says hi. He wants me to show him to you.’ So we quickly followed her into her room expecting a visitor, but we were in for quite a surprise. Her wind up porcelain doll (her favorite toy) was saying ‘Jeremy says hi’ on a loop. Then the light turned off by itself, and my mom grabbed my sister and told me to run out of the house. We sold the house by the tumblr_mhcy8jjZlw1rufdf1o1_500next month.” Dolls are creepy even when they aren’t talking in a demon voice.

Shaniqua’s Story: 

I’ve known Shaniqua my whole life, and in that short amount of time I’ve picked up a nice hobby that involves her, which can be summed up as scaring the living Hell out of her. Shaniqua is one of those people that can get scared pretty easily (those are my favorite kinds of people), but I’ve never seen her more truly terrified then when she recalled this event. “In the beginning of last October, I was hanging with a couple of friends a83458035nd we decided to go look around a cemetery and see if we could find something out of the ordinary. One of my friends was looking at a head stone and called me over to look at it. When I got to her, she asked me if I had ever seen this guy driving or walking around, and when I looked at the picture of the man on the head stone I stopped dead in my tracks. I was so spooked by whattumblr_mql0m1hgCy1sz57fqo1_500 I was looking at that I told my friend that I haven’t just seen him around, but that he has spoken to me multiple times in the past. The man has been dead for over 30 years! After I left my friend’s house, I decided to go hang out with my boyfriend. We were just leaving town when I looked up from my phone, and the same man that has been dead for over 30 years drove right past me and my boyfriend! After having this experience I know for sure that some spirits don’t leave. Maybe it’s because they have unfinished business, who really knows? All I know is that I was scared to death when I found out he was dead and that I have been seeing him around either walking or driving. The most scary part is that he had a conversation with me.” I’ve actually seen and talked to the same dead man multiple times, but I’ve just recently learned that he is, you know, dead.

Leave a comment if you want me to write about your personal paranormal experience!



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