True Paranormal Occurrences Part 3

Lately I’ve been engrossed on a few local paranormal stories that I have had the pleasure of exposing to the public, so this week I decided to divulge a few more in the third and probable final part of True Paranormal Occurrences. The following will advertise three more terrifying true stories that I’ve had the honor of hearing from some locals (their names have been changed for their own discrepancy).graveyards-something-really-creepy-but--large-msg-134893596481

Zelda’s Story:

I consider Zelda to be one of my few close friends, which is probably the only reason she even told me this story. “One event in particular came to mind when you asked if I’ve ever experienced anything supernatural, but I don’t really like to talk about this one, and only a select fewdoll-open-yets-gif know about it. My experience I have had is not just true but also very appalling for me to even remember. When I was younger my father bought me a porcelain Indian girl doll that was incredibly gorgeous, so I would have her sitting at the top of my night stand for everyone to see how pretty she was. But shortly after I got the doll, weird things started to happen in my room. I would hear giggling and what sounded like someone crawling on my floor right towards my bed. Each night I was too scared to even move to see what the noises were, and when I finally did tell my father what I was hearing at night, he didn’t believe me. About two weeks past and the noises were getting so bad as to were I could’t even sleep in my own room, I was so afraid of that tumblr_m4ym50gVrR1rv9haro1_500-1doll that I couldn’t get near it. My father finally got sick of me not sleeping in my own room, so he put the doll in my closet. After that, I started sleeping in my own room again, but the noises were gradually becoming stronger. Two days latunnamed-1er while I was taking a nap in my room, I started to have this weird dream about the doll holding me down and giggling. I woke up terrified, and when I finally got the courage to look at my closet, the doll was gone! I shot my head towards my night stand, and sure enough the doll was sitting there staring right at me. I screamed so loud my mom came running into my room to check on me. When she saw how scared I was I told her about the doll and she believed me and we got rid of the doll, no questions asked. Once when I brought it up to her, she looked at me with a very serious look on her face and she told me that she understands because something very similar had happened to her when she was a little girl. Regardless, I no longer have any dolls in my room.” I hate dolls with a burning passion, and this is a good example as to why.

Phillip’s Story:

Phillip can get scared pretty easily, but this story creeped me out beyond belief. “This happen2ed to me when I was at a friend’s house over the summer. I was hanging out with a bunch of people and we stayed up till around 3 am when I finally fell asleep. I woke up around 6 am to go to the bathroom, and when I was washing my hands I could hear two people talking. I thought it was my friends talking to each other, but when I walked out of the bathroom I saw my friends little brother standing in the hallway. I asked him what he was doing and he replied.’I was told to scare you but I didn’t want you to scream and wake everyone up.’ I asked him who told him to scare me and he told me that the little dead boy in the pantry told him to do it. I was totally petrified when I realized that her brother was talking to someone that I heard but didn’t see. I heard two voices when I was in the bathroom, I’m certain of that, but I still don’t know just who the dead boy was and why he wanted to scare me. I hate walking around alone in my friend’s house now.” This may not seem like a very startling story, but I can assure you that I was scared when I heard this, because the house that he was staying at was my house! My brother is a large-2pretty creepy kid (all kids have the ability to be creepy, but my brother is like a character straight out of a horror film), and I can recall many times where I have heard him talking to someone else in the hallway in the middle of the night. Well I don’t want to go home now.

Bonquisha’s Story:

When I asked Bonquisha if she had any paranormal stories, I immediately knew what story she was going to tell me. I have heard it multiple times from all the people that were present during this particular event.”I had a bunctumblr_lr4ctdljUZ1qjmf1th of friends over at my house for a sleepover and It started out as us telling our ghost stories, and we were telling each other different versions of the Bloody Ma0bfe2776fc074e49886f686cb8110d51ry story. All of a sudden, I look over and one of my friends, Libby, was in the fetal position, talking to herself, and saying the name ‘Toby’. The room had become immediately cold, so we had to turn the heater on full blast despite the fact that it was almost summer. According to my thermometer, the room temperature had dropped to below freezing! Things got worse from there. Little girls could be heard giggling; and there were no little girls living in my house. Libby had curled up into a ball in tears. Becky and I were wrapped up in a blanket trying to stay warm. Kaya was trying to ban the evil that Liblimitesby had seemed to let in from my house. Then everyone began to freak out because my eyes had turned completely black and the lights started to turn on and off by themselves. Kaya continued to try and ban the evil from the house, but to no avail. We finally got tired and fell asleep. Since that night, my mother has able to hear someone walking from the freezer in our dining room, throughout the whole living room, up the stairs, stopping at my door, and disappearing into my brother’s room. My brother’s room from that night on has been haunted and no one dares to go in there when it’s dark.” I’ve been to Bonquisha’s house many times, and I can assure you that there is something awful plaguing both her room and her brother’s. I blame Libby.

~Happy Haunting!~




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