10 Do’s and Don’ts of the Ouija Board

This week’s blog post was inspired by a few of my friends when they discussed the possibility of buying and using a Ouija Board for a ghost hunt. Now I’m completely against using Ouija Boards, especially under the circumstances of a ghost hunt, but I would be way too curious to be able to turn down the offer of watching others play it. There are a few important reasons for why I wouldn’t play a Ouija Board myself, like demonic possession for instance. The following will list 10 rules and recommendations that you should follow if ever decide to use a Ouija Board (though I definitely don’t recommend it).black-game-ghosts-ouija-ouija-board-Favim.com-293127

1.) Never Insult the Entity 

This should be a given, if you insult the entity then your practically begging to be messed with. If you respect the spirit, then there is a greater chance that the spirit will respect you.


2.) Never Play Alone

I’m not sure why you would want to play alone in the first place (because that sounds horrible), but those who play alone are at a way greater risk of becoming possessed be a malevolent entity, because said entity has only one soul present that it has to focus on and observe. JuQxL8g

3.) There’s a Way to Properly Dispose the Board

If there ever comes the time that you wish to be rid of the board, there is an organized way of doing it (you know, without haunting you for the rest of your days). To properly dispose of the Ouija Board break it into seven pieces, pour holy water onto it, and bury it. This is the sure way of removing any past hostilities with the board, because boards that are not properly disposed of can come back to haunt the owner.


4.) Don’t Burn the Board

I would greatly advise avoiding the burning of a Ouija Board, because whatever entity your trying to delete from your memory will just become pissed off. There have been some serious cases where the board will refuse to burn, which would be interesting if not terrifying. url-1

5.) Never Trust a Spirit

Since there is no way of truly knowing if a spirit is good or evil it is important to keep in mind that the spirits will often use false flattery and lies to gain your confidence, it’s vital to be careful in your conversations. tumblr_mwiajvDO471s9avcko1_250

6.) Avoid Locations Where Death Has Occurred

Never use the Ouija Board in a graveyard or a place where a terrible death has occurred. Playing in these places might cause terrible manifestations that are hard to get rid of, and it will most certainly attract vile entities.bigstock-Spooky-Old-Cemetery-On-A-Foggy-40839412

7.) Never Use the Board When Under the Influence or Sick

When you are sick or under the influence, you are both mentally and physically weaker than what you would like to admit, increasing the chances of making bad decisions or becoming possessed.tumblr_mdz5p3P7Fv1r5tdi2o4_500

8.) Don’t Continue to Use the Board if Other Players Start to Become Uncomfortable

You should listen to your friends if they say they are scared or uncomfortable, because there is usually a reason for it. Always take your friend’s advice or requests. tumblr_miacugOzeH1rlihkno1_500

9.) Keep and Eye on that Planchette

Never leave the planchette on the board when you are not using it, and never remove the planchette from the board while in use! This could allow malevolent entities full access to your world, which would probably be less fun that it sounds.



Sweet baby Jesus never break off or leave the conversation without a proper goodbye, even if you didn’t make contact! This would leave the doorway between our world and theirs open with a full access pass, allowing them to haunt or cause turmoil to you or your surroundings, even if only one member leaves without saying goodbye!tumblr_mtwf0kBmJm1s4tufyo1_500

~Happy Haunting!~